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RSS and How to Use RSS to Make Money

You may already know that RSS stands for Remote Site Syndication, but what does that really mean to you and more importantly, how can you use RSS to help you make more money? Simply put, RSS feeds are written in XML, a special mark up language much like html. That means that they have mechanisms included that identify structures in a document. The structures define the content and how that content will be displayed within that document. RSS is what makes big news websites possible: RSS files are used to create a data feed which will deliver headlines, links or virtually any other piece of information to a channel viewer application, commonly called a news reader. These readers are subscribed to certain RSS feeds and constantly monitor them, alerting the user when every any new information has been added to the feed. So, how can you use this to your advantage as an internet marketer? Here are the most popular ways to integrate RSS feeds into your marketing effort: you can


MARTIE 2008 LANSAREA OFICIALA INFOO Timisoara INFOrMATIA noastra pentru INFOrMAREA ta ! INF O O va ofera o baza de date variata, completa si in dezvoltare (companii, organizatii, scoli, universitati, librarii, cabinete medicale, centre sportive, agentii de turism etc.). Acest portal va furnizeaza cele mai proaspete stiri locale, nationale, internationale, financiare si sportive, prognoza meteo, evenimente, blog, istoric, obiective turistice si informatii utile despre Timisoara. Portalul INF O O Timisoara a particularizat prima harta interactiva pentru Timisoara cu facilitati in premiera in Romania: directii auto in Timisoara, codul html pentru cei care doresc sa posteze harta pe propriul site, mod de vizualizare performant, afisand o intreaga categorie selectionata. INF O O poate promova imaginea companiei dumneavoastra gratuit si va ofera publicitate si marketing online pentru a avea prioritate in fata concurentei. Va puteti inregistra gratuit avand optiunea